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Why choose GPC?

Why did we start GPC?

After many years working in corporate environments across multiple functions and roles we have developed a strong cross section of skills and experience that no single role in a corporate environment can fulfil. Combining the skillsets of the founding partners gives our clients access to a wealth of knowledge and allows GPC to utilise our experience to drive outcomes. We are particularly interested in helping organisations respond to the challenges of the digital age.

Our capabilities
  • Strategy and strategic planning and execution

  • Organisational transformation and change

  • Commercial and contractual planning and negotiation

  • Supplier and client management

  • Operational management

  • Project management

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Cost management

Our Industry Experience
  • Banking & finance

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Consulting

  • Aviation

  • Government

  • Information technology

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Procurement

  • FMCG

  • Sport & recreational

  • Building

  • Government

  • Resources

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