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for your Industry

We cover a wide rage of industries

Through our professional services and corporate careers we have deep knowledge in the following industries

Banking & Finance

We have experience both within financial organisations and providing advice and leadership to financial organisations.  

Professional Services

We have professional service backgrounds in finance, legal and consulting which we have applied to successful corporate roles.  We understand the professional services industry and what corporates need and, don’t need from independent consultants.


We have worked in Aviation, we love Aviation and we thrive on the challenges faced by airlines, airports, and their suppliers. And…Cor is a pilot!

Information Technology

With experience on the client side and the supplier side in IT for over 20 years, we understand the challenges of an industry which is changing rapidly and requires new ways of planning and delivering to stay on top.

Strategic Sourcing

We have deep experience in the strategic sourcing and procurement industry and consider ourselves market leaders in this area. You be the judge!

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